Cosmic Cleaning Terms and conditions

The terms and conditions embodies the full agreement between you (the “Customer”) and Cosmic Cleaning when you appoint  a service with Cosmic Cleaning you agree to the following terms and conditions below.

Please review this Agreement. By using our services, you oblige to our terms and conditions below.

1. Expectation of customer and permissions

I. For the service to be completed, the cleaner will be provided access to the following; Water (Hot and Cold), electricity, rubbish bins, and drainage.

II. The cleaner will be provided with a safe and unobstructed area for the service to be completed. If the cleaner is required to clean around heavy objects (couches, under beds, wardrobes and fridges etc), the customer must reposition the heavy objects before service.

III. The customer must warn Cosmic Cleaning about any hazards including; unsafe surfaces, surrounding dangers, ingrained dirt and impurities that may affect the outcome of the service.

IV. It is the responsibility of the customer to secure or relocate any fragile or important items such as; money, jewellery, art pieces, and items with sentimental value before service.

V. $50.00 cancellation / postponement fee applies if the customer fails to give us access to the property when the service is due to be performed. Customer may arrange keys for us upon discussion when they are unavailable to be present on the property when service is due.

VI. $50.00 non-refundable fee applies if the customer fails to provide running water and electricity in the property where the service is to be carried out.

VII.Customer who request to hire skip bins are responsible for any damage occurs throughout the duration of the hire. The use of the skip can be for personal use and cleaners are not obligated to assist clients with discarding items that are not part of the cleaning service.

VIII. The customer is responsible for providing safe access to the skip bins to be parked . If the customer fails to provide safe access and parking, the customer must pay the penalty fee that applies.

IX. The customer is responsible and must agree not to:

(i) allow any burning of waste in the bin;

(ii) place or allow to remain in the bin any non-complying waste, including but not limited to any liquid waste, any waste that may be explosive, toxic, dangerous, hazardous, noxious, acids, solvents, minerals, greases, oils, liquid concrete or asbestos(“non-complying waste”);

(iii) fill or allow bin to be filled higher than the top of its size or in any way which may result in spillage of waste.

(iv) move the bin or use the bin for any other purpose than for placement of waste.

2. Quotation and Bookings

I. Cosmic cleaning will provide quotes that are accurate as possible based on the information provided by the customer. Depending on the accuracy of the information, Cosmic Cleaning are entitle to alter the quotes after inspecting the service premises (Cosmic Cleaning will notify the customer of any changes).

II. Cosmic Cleaning reserves the right to not accept a service for any reason.

3. Pricing

I. Price may be subject to change due to variation of house sizes. Cosmic Cleaning have the right to alter quotation upon viewing the property if bed rooms are larger than 12 square meters, living room are larger than 15 square meters, hallways larger than 4 square meters, rugs/carpet larger than 12 square meters or bathroom, kitchen are larger than described and the condition of the property is different than described. *Applies to Carpet Clean.

II. Cosmic Cleaning reserve the right to change the quotation if the customer’s original requirements are not deemed to match the original quote, (agreement from Cosmic Cleaning and the customer can be written or verbal).

III. Our service is charged by man-hour, this mean if the cleaning service will take 4 hours for one cleaner to complete, we will send additional cleaners so that it can be done in shorter time frame as the task will be divided by the amount of cleaners. For example, one cleaner has a task of 4 hours of cleaning service, instead of taking 4 hours, we send one extra cleaner which they can divide the task into 2 and can be completed in 2 hours, therefore each cleaner has completed 2 hours / man-hour which equates to 4 hours of service.

4. Payment

I. Cosmic Cleaning will issue invoice to the customer after service have been completed. The customer must pay all fees in full within 7 days of the issued invoice date.

II. Unless specified, all prices and information on the quotations are GST inclusive.

III. Payment can be made in cash on the day of the completion of the service.

IV. Payment can be made via credit card / bank transfer / website – please quote job number if applicable.

V. Late payment: Customer must agree that if Cosmic Cleaning have not received the payment in full for the completed service within 28 days, then a late fee of $20 applies. After the 28 days, there will be an interest fee of 10% of the current outstanding service fee for each day if the customer has not paid the outstanding amount.

VI. We accept payments made by credit card, bank transfer, cheque and cash. Payment by banks must be made to:
Account Name: Cosmic Cleaning
Account BSB: 013-599
Account Number: 2922-80736
Reference: Invoice reference number and Name

5. Cancellations

I. Customers must give Cosmic Cleaning at least 48 hours notice prior to the service due for cancellations and re-scheduling; if the customer fails to give notice in-time $50.00 penalty fee applies.

II. Cosmic Cleaning reserve the right to refuse a job if the property deem to be unsafe to operate in.

6. Claims

I. When service is completed and the team have vacated the property there will be no refund claims unless Cosmic Cleaning have stated it.

II. Cosmic Cleaning reserve the right to re-clean or an inspection of any work that deemed to be unsatisfactory before the customer arranges a third party service.

III. Cosmic Cleaning is fully insured and covered for every job we take.

7. Theft and Damage:

I. The customer must notify Cosmic Cleaning of any accidents, damages and thefts due to the cleaner’s actions within 24 hours of the conclusion of the service.

II. If an incident where by damage or loss has occurred, the customer is not entitled to claim any losses if it is not reported within 24 hours of the conclusion of the service. Any damages or loss to the following items; money, jewellery, art pieces, and items with sentimental value are excluded from the liability of Cosmic Cleaning. (Refer to Cosmic Cleaning Terms and Condition section 1.IV)

8. Privacy Policy

I.The customer agrees that information given to Cosmic Cleaning may be used by Cosmic Cleaning for the purpose of providing the customer service. Any information given to Cosmic Cleaning will not be shared to any third party that are not directly associated to the service.

II. To protect customer’s information Cosmic Cleaning will take all the necessary precaution to keep it confidential.

9.  Guarantees

I. Cosmic Cleaning focuses on the satisfaction of the customer through our service, if you are dissatisfied of the cleaning experience we will provide a suitable solution based on the information provided from the customer.

II. The solutions may include:

  • Re-inspection and re-cleaning (for areas that we have missed or deemed under Cosmic Cleaning standards)
  • Discounts for future services

III. Our satisfaction guarantee is valid for 72 hours, (excluding weekends) from the service completion unless agreed by us prior.

IV. A documented list of activities to be redressed must be emailed within 72 hours for the satisfaction guarantee to apply.

V. A booking will be made within 48 hours if the service is deemed satisfactory.