Commercial  & Office Cleaning

Our commercial and office cleaning service provide a high quality consistency service. Flexibility is the key in our success as we can clean before/after or during business hours, even on the weekend  and public holidays so that your business can be clean at all times. We can provide service to all kind of business from offices, general apartment and more.

  • Public holiday rates may apply

Commercial and Office cleaning service can include:

Office / Main Area

  • Remove rubbish and replace bin liners
  • Vacuum/Sweep/Mop (with disinfectant) all rooms
  • Dust all horizontal surfaces of desks, chairs, tables and other furniture
  • Wipe computer monitors with Anti-static wipes
  • Remove cobwebs from front entry and surrounding areas
  • Clean light switches and door knobs
  • Clean automatic glass doors inside and out
  • Clean and dust all internal windows
  • Ensure all areas are clean and tidy
  • Wash remaining dish in break room / kitchen
  • Clean Microwave


  • Stock toilet tissue, hand towels and hand soap (tissue and soap must be provided)
  • Empty rubbish bins and replace liners
  • Clean and polish mirrors
  • Wipe hand towel cabinet covers/hand dryers
  • Toilets and urinals to be cleaned and disinfected
  • Mop with disinfectant all restroom floors

Lift & stairs

  • Remove rubbish from all areas
  • Polish all brass n bright work
  • Vacuum all hard floors
  • Mop floors with disinfectant
  • Spot clean internal glass in lifts