Carpet Cleaning

Does your carpet look and feel damp? Don’t worry, here at Cosmic Cleaning we’ll send out carpet cleaning specialist to come and use the proven method of hot water extraction to ensure we get all the grime and dirt out of your carpet.
Depending on the size and the state of your carpet, the process of carpet cleaning can take anywhere from 2-6 hours (hours may increase due to the number of rooms).

Hot water extraction method includes:

    • Standard vacuuming to ensure loose dirt and other mysterious residues are cleaned up

Apply appropriate carpet safe chemicals in specific areas that may need extra work.

  • Lightly bathe the carpet in recommended solution to loosen up dirt and grime
  • Apply hot water to help compliment the solution in breaking up dirt and grime (water will be extracted after the solution has penetrated)*
  • Inspect the work and deodorize the carpet to ensure it remains healthy

*Note: As water is the main solution to assist the breakup of dirt and grime, it will still remain wet after the service has been provided and takes up to 4 hours to dry depending on the temperature.